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Mar 13, 2014


I have been having semi-regular craft get-togethers with my friend Chelsea. It started earlier this year when she wanted to learn how to knit, then we started doing things other than knitting. Here are two of my projects from some of our crafternoons:

Rex Manning Lyrics

Our first non-knitting projects were paintings with quotes. I had a very hard time deciding on a word/quote to put on my canvas and finally decided on some Rex Manning lyrics. The base coat of paint is various shades of red which was sponge-painted over with white.

Latch Hook Owl WIP

I'm slowly working on this latch hook owl. This is my first time latch hooking and I was actually really excited when Chelsea suggested it. I'll share a picture of this guy when I finally finish him. I don't know what to do with it when I'm finished. Should I make a pillow? A wall hanging? Something else?

Another one of our friends seemed interested in joining in on the fun so these tiny get-togethers may turn into actual parties! Do you have any project suggestions for our future crafternoon gatherings?

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