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May 22, 2014

Fiyero's Diamonds

My Craft Book Club project for Wicked by Gregory Maguire is finished! Inspired by the character Fiyero's diamond tattoos, I made over a doormat. Trust me, those blue blobs you see below are DIAMONDS!

Doormat Makeover

Fun Fact:  I tried imagining Fiyero's tattoos as gemstone shaped diamonds for a short while, but decided that diamond tribal tattoos were more likely shaped like rhombus.

This was intended to be a tutorial on how to spruce up a doormat, but I don't count this project as a win (it's not quite a craft fail, but it's close) so I am just showing pictures of my doormat before and while I painted it. Lucky for me I had  partial cans of both brown and blue spray paint so I didn't have to buy anything to make this mess that now adorns my back stoop.

Doormat Makeover
Doormat Makeover
Doormat Makeover

Those diamonds were going to be so cool! Truthfully, I rather like my 'new' doormat. It doesn't look as nice as I imagined it would, but I walk and rub my dirty shoes on it so it's just fine.

Our next book is The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. I read it years ago and couldn't remember much about it other than the greenhouse (such vivid imagery), but started it the other day and things are coming back to me!

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