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May 20, 2014

Plants in the Ground

I planted my garden last week! Fingers crossed everything survives so I can taste them all! As I mentioned last week, I went to a plant sale at at a local farm! They had so many tomato varieties, but didn't have much in the way of summer squash so I picked up zucchini plants at a local farm store a few days later. Here is my haul:


Before getting the plants in the ground I gave them some outside time. They were all looking good until the morning before I planted; each day when I was checking how moist the soil was I only checked the larger pots so the tiny starter pots were really dry and the poor little squash were sad and very droopy. I gave them a big drink before work and they perked right up by the time I got home!

I have three more raised beds than last year (five total) and setup some stronger trellises for the melons and squash. The tomatoes will be growing on stakes again and the zucchini will be too (the upside-down tomato cages I used last year always fell over.)

Here's the list of varieties I am growing (I think I need to make a map to remember where each one is):
Tomatoes - Pink Ping Pong and Tangerine
Zucchini - Black Beauty
Pumpkins and Squash - Long Island Cheese, New England Pie x2, and Sweet Dumpling
Melons - Banana, Orangeglo,  Prescot Fond, Serenade, Sugar Baby, and White Sugar Lump

And check out my garlic, it is really growing! Well, seven of the nine are really growing, two of them aren't.

Have you planted your garden yet?

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