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Jul 1, 2014

Double Knit Potholder

I knit up a little potholder using Elizabeth Zimmerman's double knitting technique. This marks off another project from one of my DIY books (I forgot to add this book to the list, Knitting Techniques by Elizabeth Zimmerman)!

Double Knit Potholder

Double knitting makes two layers of fabric worked simultaneously. This pot holder had an open space that I filled with a piece of insulated lining to keep fingers extra protected when holding hot pans. After finishing the knitting, I added three rows of running stitches to keep the lining from shifting.

This was my first time double knitting, I used this project as practice for a mystery knit along that starts today! We are making double knit cowls using two colors of yarn so It will be a bit different. I'm really looking forward to starting! The pattern was actually released early yesterday, but I am waiting to start until my lunch break!

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