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Jul 3, 2014


A few weeks ago I started a new Hipstamatic photo challenge! For this one we are taking pictures of colors and I am doing small collections of items that are the color of the week. Last week was Red and I made a collection of summer-type items! You can check out my color photos in my monochrome set on Flickr.


Sorry this is a slacker post, it turns out that even though I want to scrapbook I'm just not into it. I have not been able to get excited enough to sit down and do anything for an Alaska trip scrapbook which is what I had planned on sharing today (I was originally planning on making it a few weeks ago and kept postponing). Maybe I will make it for my Craft Book Club project; memory keeping for The Giver? I may get some motivation one of these days... I think scrapbooks are just so neat and I want to make one!

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