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Aug 11, 2015

Cement Curing

Sunday I had some friends over for a crafternoon. This time we made some projects with cement! Here are some photos I took:


I filled a light fixture globe that had a big piece of the rim missing and am planning on adding some things to make a cute garden sculpture. (It fell on my head a few weeks ago as I was going to bed. Take that globe, now you're in tiny pieces.) Chelsea made a planter from a large plastic container & a pedestal/paperweight/doorstop (I'm not sure what she has decided to do with it yet) by filling a soda bottle and Katie filled some latex gloves to make hands.

It was a good afternoon, much more fun than you'd think watching cement dry would be. I had never worked with cement before so I learned a few things to do differently next time, like don't use a shallow container to mix your cement.


  1. I had so much fun! We also learned the cement gets really freaking hot! Lol

    1. Yeah, that quick set cement got incredibly hot!


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