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Dec 3, 2015

Bath Fizzies

Tuesday I shared the recipe for the bath jellies I made and today I have another bath recipe! Last week my friends and I had another crafternoon and made bath bombs. They were really easy to make and I think we all want to make more!

Bath Bombs

We made three batches, the first with tea tree oil, the second with coffee grounds, and the third with peppermint tea. Here is the recipe we followed to make these bath fizzies:  mix 1 cup citric acid 2 cups sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and any oils (2-4 teaspoons) or colors or additions you desire. Then using a spray bottle start to mist the mixture with water until the blend can hold a shape. Our first batch had the perfect amount of water and I think we got a little too confident and added too much water to the other batches so they started to "melt" after they formed instead of keeping their round shape. So the take away is less water is better. Once the water is added, form the mixture into your desired shape then set aside to dry.

Bath Bombs 

These were fun to make and are fun to use and I'm trying to think the scent for my next batch. Any suggestions?


  1. I want to make more! Margarita flavors! Lol

    1. Me too. Maybe a little smaller next time so there will be more.

  2. Can I place a special order for your next bombs ... Cloves, Lavender, Citrus ... Not combined 😛


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