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Jun 2, 2016

DIY Rope Sandals Fail

I'm done with the rope sandals. I didn't finish them both, but I will not be working on them anymore. After I attached the strap to my sister's rope sandals I decided they needed to be purple so I bought some purple dye for polyester then boiled them in the dye bath for an hour (following the directions). This is how they look:

DIY Rope Sandals Fail

As you can see the sandals don't actually fit her feet which is a real disappointment because I traced an outline of her foot and then tried them on my feet and expected them to fit/be a bit loose in the straps. I think the hour long boil shrunk and twisted the sandals a bit which is another disappointment because the purple didn't actually stay. The dye mostly washed out to a very pale lilac color except where I had taken a flame to the polyester rope (the bottom and ends).

DIY Rope Sandals Fail

Because of the major disappointments with the first pair of rope sandals and because I made the second sole on the second pair of sandals too short I've given up on finishing the second pair. Making rope sandals is hard. Here was my progress:

DIY Rope Sandals Fail


  1. They were so hard!!!!!! 😓 But hey we tried.

    1. I think I will try again sometime in the distant future.


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