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Jun 14, 2016

Yarn Bomb WIP

Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day! I missed it! There are some valid excuses I could share with you, such as I was traveling most of last week, but I got started late(ish) and decided to do things that were not knitting so I didn't put anything up. I did however, finish knitting this rectangle on Sunday.

Yarn Bomb WIP

Since I was not going to be home on Saturday and didn't have an idea of what to make or where to put it, it took me awhile to get started. I finally decided to try a new technique, entrelac, then picked out some yarn and started knitting. Now I need to decide where to put it; I think it should fit around a street sign pole, but it might be kinda loose. My new plan is wander around this weekend and find a home for it. Wish me luck!


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