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Jun 9, 2016

Yellow Sunnies

I really wanted some oversized yellow sunglasses, but had zero luck finding any at the stores so I decided to paint a pair of brown glasses I had with the leftover enamel paint from the carousel horse.

Painted Sunglasses

They paint job wasn't the best, there are some flaked parts around the edges where I taped off the lenses and it's a bit splotchy, but the worst part of these yellow sunglasses is they colored my nose yellow. Another craft fail for the month! I might try touching up the paint then covering them with a protective layer to keep the yellow on the glasses and off my face.


  1. I think the fails are still awesome. We are trying new things! I love the yellow sunnies!

  2. Thanks. I want to fix them so I can wear them without worrying my face will be yellowed.


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