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Jul 28, 2016

Borax Crystals

I made a super saturated solution of disodium tetraborate, dangled some pieces of pipe cleaner in the solution, and eventually ended up with these borax crystals!

Borax Crystals

Over a few days I reheated and added more borax to the solution so the balls would grow and grow. I broke them so they would be less round and bought some clear gloss spray to coat the crystals for some extra gloss and protect them a little bit from possible water contact. When coating the first two I mistakenly grabbed my white spray paint so I gave them some blue speckles too. The other two I correctly coated them with the clear gloss, you can see the slight purple color of the crystals from the food coloring I added to the solution.

Borax Crystals
Borax Crystals

Have you ever made crystals? I made a large mess, but they are kind of fun.


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    1. thanks. i was a bit upset i accidentally sprayed them white, but the look nice with the blue.


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