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Jul 26, 2016

Sugar Scrubs

We made sugar scrubs for a Crafternoon project! They were super simple and we finished crazy fast.

Sugar Scrubs

I made the yellow, lemon scented, Katie made the blue, herb scented, and Chelsea made the pink, vanilla scented. After looking at some recipes online we went for it and ended up adding a bit more sugar than other recipes called for. This was our basic recipe:

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
1 1/2 Cup (about) Sugar
Some Color
Some Fragrance

Just warm up the coconut oil slightly (if it is hard and solid) then mix all  the ingredients together.

Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs

Tip: do not use a flavor extract in place of a scent. I had some lemon extract and  thought it would be okay to use, but my sugar scrub had an overwhelming alcohol smell so I doubled the recipe and added some lemon scent on top to cover the alcohol smell.

I'm not sure if Katie or Chelsea have been using their sugar scrubs, but I have been using mine and I like it! It works pretty well to remove the dirt and plant grime from my fingers after gardening plus the coconut oil helps moisturize my dry hands.

Sugar Scrubs


  1. I love it! I put it on after I shave. My legs feel amazing afterwards!


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