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Jul 21, 2016

Squash Plants Still Dead, Tomatoes Are Definitely Not.

Now all the squash plants are gonners, even the replacement zucchini plants I purchased shortly after my last garden update are dead. I'm a little bit sad that I won't have dozens of pumpkins this fall, but I've decided to give up on the squash and focus on my overgrown tomatoes and the other plants that are still alive.


One of my sunflowers is blooming and there are several more buds that are getting ready to pop! I was disappointed earlier this summer by the low number of sunflower seeds that germinated, but I care less now and am excited to save the seeds and grow even more next year!


This pumpkin plant is one of the few squash plants that are still green, but the likelihood that it survives to my next garden update is very low. One of its neighbors is an absolute survivor, perhaps doing too well since I moved them to a different location and the left behind roots made more plants than I moved away. These are a few of my milkweed plants:


Two other plants (or plant types) that are doing AMAZING are all of my tomatoes and the Crenshaw melon I planted. Below are pictures of some Reisetomate tomatoes and a fuzzy baby Crenshaw melon. The other tomatoes look like regular tomatoes, but the Reisetomates look so funny!


My sugar baby watermelons are growing, but not nearly as well as the Crenshaw melons. And the strawberries are making baby plants like you wouldn't believe! Plus I'm still getting a few strawberries! You can see more photos of my garden on my flickr in my garden 2016 album.

How is your garden growing? Do you have any gardening updates you're planning on for next year? Over the weekend my dad helped me make an L shaped raised bed for some Honeyberry plants I recently purchased. I'm also planning on making some changes to the longer raised bed along my back fence (where the dead squash plants and milkweed are); I want a cold frame and my mom has given me a good idea where I can modify that bed slightly and not have something big and hard to store during the summer.

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