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Jan 5, 2017

Through the Back Loop

I haven't worked on the leopard hat at all since I last posted about it and have decided to put that project on hold for a bit and work on the charity hats from my New Year's resolutions. Ten hats is a lot and I'm going to try and get as close to it as I can over the next five months. Here is the first bit of the first one I am knitting:

Charity Hat I WIP

This hat is a pretty simple pattern with a lot of stitching through the back loop. The first row was especially difficult for me to remember where to put my needle, but I think they were all stitched correctly. The pattern is Sea Folk by Jennifer Lysen and I'm definitely a fan so far.

A few things about these hats: I will be using only yarn from my stash, most of this will be leftover yarn from previous projects. During the black Friday sales when all of the chain craft stores had yarn on sale I wanted to buy, buy, buy, but decided to figure out what I had on hand that I could use for these hats and found out I had a lot of yarn and I didn't need to buy any more.

The other thing is I have been following this AWESOME Ravlry group thread, Lovin the Freebies for some time now and have saved more patterns than I will probably ever knit/crochet. This specific thread has links to patterns that are free for a limited time so snatch them up while you can. I'm quite certain that this first hat was listed on this thread and many (maybe all) of the other hats I knit will likely have been on this thread too.

I'm feeling way more motivated than I did just three days ago and I'm hoping I will stay that way!

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