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Feb 14, 2017

Charity Hat IV

Happy Valentine's Day! When looking through my yarn stash I found some lovely pink yarn and decided I needed to make a heart hat and today is the perfect day to share it.

Charity Hat IV

This is the first of these charity hats I decided to make up the pattern as I knit; I was headed out of town so I grabbed some yarn and needles and didn't worry about following instructions. The heart took me a few tries to get right; the first attempt looked too square, then on the second attempt I ran out of pink yarn. I finally decided to do some short rows so the whole heart would be pink and it turned out pretty well.

I decided to finish off the heart with some contrast color crochet so it would stand out. They are simple single stitches through the eyelets that were on the inside of the heart. I'm getting closer to my goal of ten hats! I have two hats in progress, but I haven't spent very much time knitting these last two weeks.


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