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Mar 16, 2017

Kombucha Jar Cover

I've started making kombucha again; I just love fermented foods! Last week I stitched a fabric jar cover so I don't have to use paper towels to keep the dust out. I was planning on making two, but ended up using both round pieces I cut on the one cover. Here is my pink fabric jar cover and kombucha on it's first day.


It's been a week of fermentation and the biofilm is starting to form, it's a bit patchy and doesn't cover the whole surface yet (it also has a large goober that I will wash off next week). I'm looking forward to having a really thick scoby again, bacteria does some pretty neat things.


The jar cover is working really well. I will likely be making another cover or two in the near future so I can wash them and will probably write up a tutorial to share with you. Do you like kombucha or make any fermented foods at home?

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