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Apr 20, 2017

Blue Chocolate Bark

A few weeks ago Katie, Chelsea, and I made blue "chocolate" bark! The first batch we made had pretzel bits sandwiched between the layers of chocolate; for the second batch we added Oreo pieces! Yum!

blue chocolate bark

Here is a quick guide on how to make some yourself.

candy melts/melting chocolate in various colors
inclusions such as pretzels or Oreos
sprinkles or toppings
microwave safe bowls
cookie sheet
table knife

blue chocolate bark blue chocolate bark blue chocolate bark

Begin by melting your base layer of chocolate/candy melts in the microwave (use a medium power and stir frequently). For a small cookie sheet we used about half a bag of chocolate chips. Once the chocolate is completely melted and a smooth texture, pour it onto your cookie sheet and spread out evenly.

Next add some inclusions! We broke our pretzel sticks and Oreos into small pieces and distributed them evenly over the chocolate base layer.

Now, melt more chocolate and drizzle it over the top. We used three more colors at about half a bag each. After all the chocolate is added, take your table knife and pull it through the chocolate to make a marbled/swirled texture. Add sprinkles over the top for the finishing touch.

Let the chocolate cool completely (possibly in the refrigerator or freezer) then break it up into pieces and enjoy!

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