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Jun 8, 2017

Scotland Photos

Today I'm sharing more Scotland photos! I'm still going through the 100 or so I marked as my favorites and am narrowing them down to a more reasonable amount to print and keep in a little photo album. Here are a handful of the photos I took and little stories about them. you can see more photos on my Flickr in the Scotland 2017 album.


We rented a car and put on about 1500 miles driving around the country. These yellow flowering bushes were my favorite thing and I wanted them in my yard until I realized they are pokey! When the yellow flowers die, they are just a green pokey bush and I really don't want one now.


One thing I like about visiting museums is learning history. Arbroath Abbey is where the Stone of Destiny was returned. I hadn't realized they chose the abbey because of the Declaraion of Arbroath, a letter from the 1300s that intended to confirm Scotland's independence. (It's also likely the United State's Declaration of Independence was modeled after it.)


I saw Shetland ponies in Shetland! This little guy was very friendly, he came right up to the fence. I think he was expecting food. We also saw a zillion sheep and puffins! The puffin photos didn't turn out very well because it was incredibly foggy and my camera doesn't zoom very much, but I have a video of one pooping. 


Fort George was really neat. It was built in the Highlands after the Jacobite rebellion. The star shape is really cool and provides great views in every direction. This seagull was doing a nice job posing for my pictures, if only the sky was a little less grey, he would stand out better. 


We of coarse had to visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct! Unfortunately the Jacobite (Hogwarts) train was basically sold out so we didn't get to ride over it and see more of the bonny scenery between Mallaig and Fort William. The roadside wasn't cutting it; too many trees obstructing the view. 


George, our tour guide at Hampden Park's Scottish Football Museum, recommended visiting the transportation museum and it was great! First of all, the building looks awesome, then they've got everything from skateboards to subway trains inside. Very cool. I had an ice cream outside. 


  1. so green! Your photos turned out great! Are those caribou in your album?

    1. I think they are technically reindeer since they aren't in North America, but yes.


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