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Nov 7, 2017

Popcorns and Rhubarb

My garden clean up is mostly complete! (I forgot to add my sunflower stalks to my compost pile; somehow I overlooked them even though are a lot of them and they are right next to the compost pile.) I've finally filled the latest raised bed with soil, divided my rhubarb and moved them into said raised bed, and harvested my glass gem popcorn (it's so pretty)!





pretty kernels. ears. giant rhubarb rhizome. forgotten sunflower.

I do need to get back outside to compost the sunflowers then plant garlic and some flower bulbs. The windows for the cold frame are still in storage, I'm not sure if I want to grow anything right now or wait a few months and use it for seed starting. Is it too early to begin planning my garden for next spring?


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    1. I know! I'm so excited to pop some and also grow lots more next year!


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