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Dec 18, 2018

More Soap

Chelsea and I have been making more soap! Our first batch of cold process soap had too much lye so it splintered when I tried cutting it into bars. These are from our next two batches:


The darker bars were our second batch. We mixed up the soap too much so it didn't pour easily into the mold and left air pockets. On our third batch we did a much better job of not over mixing and keeping the soap liquid to pour into the mold, but the finished bars have these strange lines throughout. These are possibly glycerin rivers and our mixing temperature was probably a little to high.

All this soap we have made is still usable, it just doesn't look the nicest. I've put batch one through the food processor and am using it for my laundry. Batch two and three are still drying/hardening, but will be good to use as hand/body soap. I'm really looking forward to making a 'perfect' batch!


  1. Each time we continue to get better and better. I am excited to use them as hand soaps. The next batch will be even better.


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