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Feb 28, 2019

Pottery Update

I've now completed all four of the pottery classes. One of my pieces is in the kiln being glaze fired and will be totally done next time I see it! Four others are glazed and on the shelf waiting to be fired. Everything else (plus some extras) is thrown and needs to be trimmed! Most of the things I made are now in the recycle bin waiting to be made into something fantastic; here are five I said goodbye to on Saturday:


I'll share pics of my finished pieces once they are all done!


  1. I am bummed that it is over! Super glad we took the class. I am wondering if going to the step 2 class would be to hard or take another step one in the future.

    1. I def want to take another class. We can take level one up to three times, but we can take level two between if we want.


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