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Feb 14, 2019

I'm a Potter

I've got a good start on my resolutions this year! The new craft I'm learning this year is pottery! I signed up for a four week pottery class with Chelsea. We have taken two classes and know how to throw a thing and now trim the thing. Here are the things I have made (before trimming):


Two of these things were made during our first class, the other was made during some 'studio time'. Most of my things end up in the recycle bin, but I'll only be able to keep 10 things so these three 'keepers' may end up the recycle bin too. My 'studio time' after our first class really filled the recycle bin, but I did well during our second class. I'm pretty good at trimming and I made a great vase shape during the second class that I'm really proud of (no photo yet).

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