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Oct 10, 2019

Pottery 5

I was really hoping to have all my pottery stuff finished by post 6, but I have one thing that hasn't been bisque fired and so many things that have been waiting on the shelf for glaze firing for a week! So there may be two more posts about pottery, or I'll call it quits after the next one and eventually share my awesome nose planter when it is totally finished. Here are some pictures of the progress of some things I've made, I just realized I barely took any pictures!


Those were the only pottery pictures I took this week! Sculpting the nose, I love a big/interesting nose and am very excited to get this planter finished. If you have any suggestions for plants that should live inside, let me know. Spatter glazing, Tuesday I went in to finish glazing all my pieces, and tried something new. Mended paint palette; the glue job held through the bisque fire and I glazed it a plain buckwheat color, it should be better than my current plastic palette that needs to go to the garbage.

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