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Nov 24, 2020

Bell Bracelet

The November read for Craft Book Club was Charlotte by Helen Moffett. I haven't quite finished reading it, but couldn't share more photos of not a project so last night I decided to stop reading and figure out something musical to make. This bell bracelet was it! 

Bell Bracelet

It is the pieces to a bracelet I wore in middle school and high school until it fell apart. I kept the bits so I could 'fix' it and 2020 is finally the time. I used embroidery thread, but need to find something better, even waxing the string was not good enough. Anyway, bracelet done, but will be improved upon sometime soon (this year, shouldn't wait another few decades).

Bell Bracelet

Our last read for the year is Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra and I'm going to finish it with plenty of time to make a decent craft!

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