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Apr 28, 2021

Angel Painting In Progress

A few weeks ago, for Craft Book Club I started this painting. It is inspired by the book Pet by Akwaeke Emezi and is an angel that looks monster like. Read this book! Have your kids read the book! I absolutely recommend it! About this painting, I forgot about my blog and didn't finish making this angel look scary, but it has a basic shape so if you have any suggustions on what I should add/change let me know! Also, my white paint cracked as it dried. I think I like it and may enhance with some lines that look like cracks.

WIP Angel Painting
WIP Angel Painting
WIP Angel Painting

Our next book is The Story of Doctor Doolittle by Hugh Lofting and I plan on reading that and making the craft for it on time while finishing up this painting!


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