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May 19, 2021

Still in Containers

Some of the seeds I started grew, but they are still in their containers because I am sill behind on all my garden chores. Three of the squash/pumpkins haven't germinated (including the luffa), but I haven't given up hope. One of the pumpkins just started poking their little leaves up through the soil so there is a chance they will grow. The other three pumpkins are outgrowing their space and need to be transplanted. This weekend they will move outside. I also have little chives and garden huckleberries that may need a bit more time. The chives did get their first haircut though and they tasted so yummy. The garden huckleberries will probably go into thier own containers for a few weeks so they aren't as tiny when they move outside.


I still haven't started any of the flowers I was planning. How is your garden growing?


  1. Not gardening necessarily but, pretty sure i have killed my two plants from you. Ok one maybe. I noticed a new growth on the purple one so fingers crossed. My orchid is still alive along with my two succulents. Woohoo.

  2. What’s your plans with your garden this year? What are you going to plant?

    1. I'm just growing pumpkins, some garden huckleberries, onions, and garlic in my veggie patch.


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