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Jul 20, 2021

Pink Painted Toilet Seat

I've been wanting a bright pink toilet seat for over a year and this week I finally have one! Since bright pink isn't a toilet seat color that is offered by the toilet seat manufactures and I didn't want to have a cloth cover for the toilet seat, I decided to DIY. I bought a new white toilet seat (since my previous one needed replaced) and some cabinet/trim paint in a lovely pink color and got to work sanding and painting and sanding and painting. (Only the top of the lid is painted because I don't think it will hold up to well to frequent water exposure.) I really struggled with bubbles in the paint on my first few coats (likely due to the use of a foam roller) and had to sand them away. On the fourth and last coat I used a brush and have lots of streaks that are more noticeable on the left side of this picture (the white flecks are film grain from the camera filter), but they are fine because I'm not sure how long the paint will actually hold up or if I'll need to do any touchups. Anyway, I like having a silly pink toilet seat. Have you done any ridiculous crafts lately?

Pink Painted Toilet Seat


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