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Jul 15, 2021

Painting Numbers

Woah! The year is more than half done and it turns out I'm not making much progress on my 2021 Crafty Intentions, but I have started a paint by number kit. I got a cute butterfly and flower paint by number kit for my birthday and I finally pulled it out this week to paint. So far I've painted this beautiful golden flower that looks extra dramatic with the shadows from the morning sun. Some of the numbers show through the lighter colors so I might be doing some touch ups to make them less visible.

Paint by Number Progress

Now that I've checked on my resolutions I'm sad at my lack of progress on finishing the works in progress; all seven projects are still incomplete. My other resolution to paint watercolors is going better; I've painted seven things this year and even though they weren't one each month I say they count.


  1. Omg i thought it was a campfire lol. Oops. It looks really good so far.


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