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Jan 4, 2022


It's a new year and the time I share my crafty intentions for the upcoming year! First I'll recap my 2021 resolutions and how awful I was at completing them (starting them too).

My three resolutions for 2021were to complete a paint by number kit, I did this and it turned out very good); practice watercolor by completing 12 paintings, I did this too; and complete my seven works in progress projects. I didn't even touch five of those works in progress and made little progress on the other two. I could say that I was able to complete 2/3 of the projects and if I were to count all 12 paintings and seven WIPs, it comes to roughly the same number, 65% which is a D letter grade. It's a new year and I am not going to dwell on the past, I've got new goals for this year!


My 2022 Crafty Intentions are:

Use My Craft Room Finds
I cleaned my craft room last year and decided to keep a few things with the condition of using them. The three things I kept and need to use are: shrinky-dink type sheets, the book Making Felted Friends by Sue Pearl, and a macramé pamphlet.  

More Watercolor Painting Practice
I want to get better at watercolor painting so I'm repeating last years resolution of painting 12 things, one each month. Maybe by next January I'll feel better about my watercolor skills.

Knitting Projects from My New Book
I got the book Knitting with Disney by Tanis Gray for Christmas and have decided I should knit two of the projects. The yarn for the first of these projects has been ordered and I'll get started knitting later this month!

Finish That Darn Quilt
I started this denim quilt in 2017 and haven't finished cutting out the pieces. This is the project I'm focusing on this month and hope to get it finished in February! I did cut more pieces out last night, so that's a bit of progress.

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