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Jan 6, 2022

Making Garden Plans

I thought about adding gardening to my crafty resolutions for the year, but gardening isn't crafting and my garden plans are getting its own post! I recently moved to Portland (USDA Zone 9) and when looking at monthly average temperatures realized I can garden year round! Portland has a "cool" season from October to April and a "warm" season May to September; meaning it does get freezing temperatures, but they do not last even a month long and with some frost protection I can grow salad greens all winter long! This is a big change for me and I'm excited to have a year-round garden!


The garden is getting off to a slow start though and it will be a bit before I actually plant anything. I have started going through my seeds to make a planting plan. I have lots of different seeds and want to use up and try these seeds while they are still fresh so I'm not planning on buying any new vegetable seeds. I will be buying a few flower seeds to make my garden beds extra cute. Snapdragons are definitely in my future!

I'm also trying to find ways to be less wasteful in the garden and avoid using plastic. I don't have row cover, but instead of buying the poly-cloth that is usually used for this purpose, I'm planning to reuse a bed sheet. I know that a major reason to use the poly-cloth is because it will dry more quickly, but I think as long as I keep the cotton sheet off the foliage, it should be fine. Plus a sheet is more durable and less likely to tear. It will be an experiment at least.

Do you have any green gardening advice? I'd love to hear how you have improved or about things you've read, but haven't tried yet.

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