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Dec 1, 2022


We read Nordic tales : folktales from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark Illustrated by Ulla Thynell for November and my Craft Book Club food was a loaf of bread inspired by the story, The Forest Bride. In this Nordic tale, three brothers leave to find a wife, find a potential bride, and return home where their father makes these women/mouse (one of the brides is a mouse, the other two are assumed to be humans, I don't remember if that was specified) complete tasks to prove themselves... so much ugh... One of the tasks was making bread so I made bread. It probably wasn't great enough to impress the sexist father of my beloved (or some random person who happened upon my cottage in the middle of the forest and decided they wanted to marry me), but it tasted pretty good smothered in butter and jam. 


Craft Book Club will be on hiatus until January. I'll be sharing photos through the month of December like usual, my mock December Daily, and posting twice a week again! Lets hope I can get some of the craft projects on my list complete and take lots of photos throughout the month.

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