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Dec 8, 2022

December Photos Week 1

The first week of December has been a bit full. I started strong with my photo taking and snapped this vignette of my tree collection on the first, but kept forgetting to take photos throughout the week and absolutely forgot to post my craft earlier this week. So much for twice a week blogging in December... There is always next week though.

Popped up to Seattle this weekend to visit my sister/niece. They were blessed with a little snow last week which was exciting; it makes xmas time more magical and walking through the zoo with a stroller when it turns to melty slush more difficult. We saw the wild lanterns and I was particularly fond of the crocus section. I can't wait to see them lit up at night (we have tickets to see them in January).

Another exciting part of the weekend was the hummingbirds visiting the balcony. This cutie perch on these not flowers and chitter away so we pulled the feeder out of the closet, filled it, and hung it up! The humming birds seemed so excited! They immediately started using it and were chasing each other around and generally being cute.

When driving back to Portland, it was snowing. I checked out the weather forecast and it was supposed to stop and turn to rain about the time we got home/the sun was setting. Luckily it didn't rain immediately and I was able to snap a few photos of the snow. I think it looked so cool on my succulents!

How was the start of your December?


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