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Jan 31, 2023

Rose Apple Tart

The January Craft Book Club read was What Souls are Made of: A Wuthering Heights Remix by Tasha Suri. I decided to read Wuthering Heights before starting because I had not read it before. It was quite long and quite slow and I was not a fan. What Souls are Made of was so much better; I liked how it was from Catherine's and Heathcliff's perspectives plus it was more hopeful.

My treat for this book is an rose apple tart, it has both a rose look and a rose flavor. It was inspired by Catherine and her thinking of a rose Edgar cut from his Mother's garden and how the thorns were carefully removed and what she would grow in the garden instead.
"Wild things that would overgrow everything. Things with sharper thorns, that would bite hands that touched them. Maybe I would breed a new kind of rose. Hardier and crueler."
This tart has a streusel type base and slices of apple with sugar and rose extract. The rose extract I bought was pink and gave the rose a fun pink color. I really liked the flavor of this tart; it reminded me of a cookie or maybe a candy that I have purchased, but cannot figure out what it is. Let me know of any rose flavored desserts you've had. 

Rose Apple Tart
Rose Apple Tart
Rose Apple Tart

Our next read is Anna K: A Love Story By Jenny Lee, a reimagining of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. While I was reading Wuthering Heights, I thought it would be fun to read each of the original stories before the remake, but I've read Anna Karenina before and it is incredibly long so I'm going straight into Anna K. Anna Karenina is a great book though.

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