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Sep 28, 2023

Exploding Teapots

We read Travelers along the way : a Robin Hood remix by Aminah Mae Safi for the Craft Book Club read and it is my favorite version of the Robin Hood story! It has a female lead and most of the characters are women plus it is very funny. I absolutely recommend this book! I was thinking about making an actual craft for this one, but haven't gotten around to that, maybe a little teapot something for a future fairy garden or a teapot bumblebee "house" from a thrifted teapot (that wouldn't be much work on my end, just buying and partially burying a teapot in my garden). Whatever craft I was going to make was going to be teapot related because of the exploding teapots! I'm not going to expand on that, just know there are exploding teapots and I loved it!


My Dear Henry: A Jekyll & Hyde Remix by Kalynn Bayron, Robert Louis Stevenson is our October read. I have read Jekyll & Hyde before! I figured it would be a good one for spooky season! Do you think I'll be inspired to make an actual craft after reading or more food?

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