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Feb 20, 2024

Garden Plans

Where has the time gone? February is nearly gone and I’ve blogged only one week this year. Milly and Tilly hasn’t been a priority for me, but it does help keep me accountable with my various projects so I need to focus a bit more on this blog. 


First up, the garden! It is time to start seeds and I have a new soil blocker headed my way along with several packets of seeds. I’m quite excited about this soil blocker as it makes a small size block that can then be placed inside my slightly larger size block and the little seedlings can size up blocks as they grow! This week it should arrive and I will be making lots of soil blocks!

My three garden resolutions this year were pumpkins, cut flowers, and to build three raised beds. All of the pumpkins and some of the flowers will be sown in tiny little seed blocks this week. The new raised beds have been pushed back again… the wind during the horrible winter storm we had in January took off a large branch from one of the Douglas Firs and sent it flying through the fence. So we are replacing the fence and moving the existing raised beds that were against the fence to a new spot (where we were going to put the new garden beds) then we will build the new raised beds once the fence is finished.

The garlic and dahlias that over wintered in the existing raised beds have been moved to various pots. I think the garlic will stay in pots until it’s time to harvest and the dahlias will move to the currently build garden beds once they are in their new place. More flowers and the pumpkins will be added to those raised beds once it’s warmer and they are ready to transplant. Then whatever vegetables and probably more flowers will go into the new beds. I’ll be sharing garden updates so you can see the progress!

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