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Jan 2, 2024


Happy New Year!
It’s the first post of the year so I’m sharing my crafting intentions for the year ahead and also recapping my previous year’s resolutions. First, my 2023 recap: I got like 70%! (If I’m fairly lenient on what qualifies as complete and round up. These are my goals and my blog so I did pretty great!) 

Gardening is the category I did most poorly in, completing only one of my three goals (the row cover). Using my oil pastels and sharing about it gets a solid A grade. I completed 3/4 of my in-progress projects! (That quilt!!! Is 2024 the year?) And I’m saying I fixed the unreliable rss/email subscriptions because I thought I had twice and the issue is mostly out of my control.


Now on the the 2024 goals! Are some of them repeats of years past? Obviously!

My 2024 Crafty Intentions are:

In and For the Garden
  • Pumpkins!!!
  • Cut flowers
  • Build three raised beds


Other Crafts
  • More oil pastel drawings
  • Mending clothes
  • Floral bouquets
  • Monthly photo challenges
    • January - negative space
    • February - portraits
    • March - reflections
    • April - frames
    • May - leading lines
    • June - macro
    • July - shadows
    • August - texture
    • September - patterns
    • October - silhouettes
    • November - color
    • December - bokeh

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