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Apr 15, 2010

The Winner

The embroidered notepad now belongs to Tyler!

And because I said I would, here are photos of my second Japanese cheesecake:

japanese cheesecake

Scratched the top when trying to move it to the plate, boo.

japanese cheesecake

I am very happy to say that this one's texture is how it should be, moist and very light. Absolutely delicious, I definitely recommend trying this recipe!


  1. I knew being #1 wouldn't help me win.
    Congrats Tyler!

    And how can I make this recipe, I don't have a scale - or should I invest in one? I might also need to invest in a mixer. Guess you will have to make me one :-)

  2. Awesome!! I can't believe I won! Today must be my lucky day. I should probably go buy a lottery ticket.

  3. Congrats Tyler! Buy me a ticket too! Why dont you bake a cake and bring it to Kansas!! We could use it for a bday, mom's day cake, but it has to be big enough for 11 of us..


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