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Apr 13, 2010


Yesterday morning, I woke up extra early to make this Japanese cheesecake I found via The Kitchn.

japanese cheesecake

This didn't turn out quite like it should have. I was going to blame the early morning hour for my inability to read the instructions carefully/completely, but I now realize I had printed the recipe before it was updated with additional instructions and clarifications so it isn't really my fault.

Here is what I did wrong:
Mess up #1 - I covered the top of the pan with aluminum foil instead of the sides and bottom.
Mess up #2 - The water I added around the baking pan was not boiling.

Despite these mistakes, the cake tastes wonderful. It has an interesting texture, not what it should be though - I think it is a bit too wet (caused by being covered during baking). I bought some more cream cheese and am trying this morning to make one correctly. I'll take pictures and share them with you on Thursday.

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  1. This sounds interesting, wish I could have a piece.

  2. How early did you have to get up to start baking? It still looks really good to eat!!

  3. Not that early, just a lot earlier than I normally wake up.

    I was at the grocery store by 6:30 and to work about 10 till 7. Since I don't have a gram scale at home I had to take advantage of my work resources...


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