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Nov 8, 2010

My New Compost Setup

Another Earth Day Resolution can be crossed off my list! I finally have a compost bin. The compost bin was originally part of a container garden I setup two years ago that completely flopped. I re purposed one of the totes by drilling a extra holes for air flow.

empty compost bin

At the bottom of the container I added the bit of store bought compost I had left over from the beginning of the year.

compost bin with leftover compost from last year

Then topped it with some leaves from my front yard.

compost bin with leaves

And on top of that food bits.

compost bin with food bits

I have been collecting food scraps for the past few weeks and storing them in this plastic container in my freezer.

food scraps freezer container

Here is everything that fit in the container:

food scraps freezer container with food bits

It is mostly banana peels and a bits of tomato. The freezer is great since it keeps smells and fruit flies away.

Now I just need to get/make a rain barrel and sew a few hankies and more of these face scrubby things.

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