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Nov 4, 2010

Finished Hat

I finished the hat with an entire day to spare:


Here is the detail of the wide ribbing and the swirl pattern:

hat detail

No picture of me wearing it, still can't seem to do a very good job of photographing myself. There was no way the hat would be slouchy beret-ish like I originally wanted... I needed more yarn than i had to do that. It is a tiny bit too large for me, but I have a child-size head so it would probably fit a normal person.

I have been trying to mark another item off my Earth Day Resolutions for about a week or two, but no more excuses. Next week I will share my new compost bin setup complete with a huge supply of browns (mulched leaves from my front yard that need to be taken care of by Friday since it is suppose to rain all weekend) and small container for my kitchen waste.


  1. what's left on the resolution list after compost? rain barrel? then are you done or have you slipped on the other resolutions?

  2. i need to get/make a compost bin and a rain barrel. then i still need to finish the face scrubby things and hankies (i bought some cloth napkins some time ago since i was too lazy to make them). haven't slipped on buying packaged pre-cut salad mixes.

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