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Jun 7, 2012

Container Garden

I transplanted all the plants into my garden then a few days later everything died! The lone survivor was a bell pepper plant which totally surprised me since last year they didn't do very well, but it is very spindly looking and I have prepared myself for its probable death. After recovering from my sadness I debated on buying some starter plants at the store. I finally decided to get a tomato plant and some pepper plants and plant them in the whiskey barrels in my front yard.


The tomato plant is an Ananas Norie also known as a Black Pineapple tomato plant and the peppers are Ancho/Poblano peppers. I also planted marigolds around the edges. As for the fate of my garden, I am planning on changing the back yard up a bit and making raised beds. I will keep you updated on any of my yard projects and the progress of my little container garden.

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