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Dec 11, 2012

Vintage Toque

I finished knitting the toque and am disappointed in its size. It will only fit a newborn's tiny head so it is way to small to give to my mom.

vintage toque
vintage toque

I started knitting this on size US 3 needles because it is a vintage Australian pattern calling for size 10 needles. Early into the project it was noticeably small so I started over with US 5 needles... It is still small, much smaller than expected. I finished anyway and tried blocking it larger, which didn't increase the size enough.

The regenbogen turban I knit (a vintage UK pattern) called for the same needles and it turned out perfect using US 3 needles. I am a bit confused because I thought Australian and UK patterns followed the same sizing. Unfortunately there wasn't any gauge information and no one else on Ravelry has posted information on their Knitted Toques. I will definitely be trying this one again, luckily Knit Picks has this shade in worsted weight!!!

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