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Nov 26, 2013

Rice Heating Pad with Drawstring Bag

I am getting really good at making rice hot/cold packs. This one has the helpful dividers that keeps the rice evenly distributed and the drawstring pouch I made for its cover uses shoelaces for the drawstrings which will be much more durable than the yarn I have previously used.

Rice Heating Bag
Rice Heating Bag

The shoelace drawstrings are pretty long, but they can be pushed into the bag if they get annoying. I think the kitty fabric is really cute! It was picked out by the recipient of this rice heating bag and I have quite a bit extra so I am considering sewing some sort of belt type thing that could be used to secure the heating pad to her injured knee. I'm not quite sure how well it would work though.

If you are interested, here are some previous hot/cold rice packs I have made: one for Elbie, an obi belt one, and some for cold feet & their covers.

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