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Feb 27, 2014

Garden Thoughts

This year I'm a little slow with starting my gardening. I think it is because of my seed germinating bad luck from last year. When I got my first seed catalog at the end of December I was very excited, but in these last two months the excitement has faded and I have made no plans.

Frequent Watering of the Victory Garden Is Necessary During the Early Stages of Growth. ca. 02/1943
Frequent Watering of the Victory Garden is Necessary During the Early Stages of Growth. ca. 02/1943
via The U.S. National Archive

I think I will mostly purchase plants instead of starting them from seeds because the seedlings start to take over my kitchen and it is just easier to buy plants come May. A few years ago my coworker told me about Peaceful Belly's annual heirloom plant sale and this year I will actually be in town! I'm quite excited and have marked both weekends on my calendar! Two items I will be starting from seed in the next week or so are luffa (hopefully they germinate this year) and cherry tomatoes (from the seed I saved last year). I'm not sure what other vegetables I want to grow, but I am thinking about a flower garden.

Last year I considered planting flowers for cutting (and displaying in vases), but did not do it. This year I'm a little closer to actually doing it and probably will. Mainly I don't know what sort of flowers to plant; most of the flowers I buy now are plain grocery store cut flowers, but I have bought protea before which are exciting and exotic and probably won't grow here very well. Do you have any plant suggestions for a cut flower garden? I am clueless about flowers.

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