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Apr 17, 2014

Dying Eggs with Shaving Cream

I really really like dying eggs! Every year before Easter I have a little egg dying party. Last year I tried a tie-dye/marble dying technique and it was a success so I did it again this year and I'm going to show you how to do it too!


Tie-dye or Marbled Eggs Tutorial
   Cooking Pot, Bowl/Plate, Kitchen things...
   Shaving Cream (foamy shaving cream not shave gel)
   Food Coloring

How To:
1. Cook the Eggs! I recommend boiling them, but you can try bake them too.
2. Vinegar Dip! Make a water and vinegar bath for the eggs and let them sit for a few minutes. If you don't treat the eggs with vinegar they will not pickup color very well.
Note: You can add vinegar to your cooking water and skip step two!
3. The Coloring Part!
          A. In a bowl or on a plate spray some shaving cream.
          B. Add drops of food coloring.
          C. Mix it up a little.
          D. Add an egg and cover it with the colored shaving cream.
          E. Let the colored shaving cream covered egg sit for a few minutes.
          F. Wash off the eggs and admire your lovely eggs!
Note: This can get pretty messy. The food coloring will dye your hands too so wear disposable gloves if you don't want pink and blue hands.

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