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Apr 22, 2014


Happy Earth Day! A few weeks ago I read an earth day article (I would link to it, but I have no idea where I saw it) about the decline of monarch butterflies. It suggested planting milkweed because the larvae eat only milkweed and then talked about the different milkweed varieties and where they grew. I finally decided where I would plant my monarch habitat and bought some seeds yesterday. You should plant some too, there are several milkweed varieties so you can find the right one for your area! Save the monarchs!


Yesterday was an online seed buying day, I also bought some creeping thyme for ground cover (I am slowly reducing the mowing area in my yard) and am trying again with the luffa. Once the seeds arrive I will be soaking the seeds then planting them in different soil; the last bunch of seeds I planted never germinated and the soil started to mold. It was horrible, but all of these new seeds are going to do awesome!

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