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Apr 21, 2016

Felted Soap

One of my crafting resolutions for the year was to use craft supplies I have on hand for some projects. Wool roving didn't make the initial list of supplies to use, but I have quite a bit of it on hand so we used a bit of it for our latest crafternoon. Monday night Chelsea, Katie, and myself got together to make felt covered soap. This is how they look:

Felted soap

Chelsea's soap is brown; Katie's is the blue, purple, and white swirl; and mine is the red, green and yellow striped. I had a hard time with this project; it seemed like I was using up all the soap and the wool wasn't actually felting, but the wool eventually felted and there is still a lot of soap left. Felted soap is something I will probably buy in the future instead of trying to make again. Have you ever felted soap?


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