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Jan 19, 2016

Other Projects To Do List

Cleaning my craft room in underway so I've started making a list of non yarn/sewing projects, "other projects" to make for part of my 2016 resolutions/intentions. Earlier this month I used a few stashed craft supplies on a bright spring wreath, here are five more items I need to make things with:


  • Stretch Gloves -  I have a Crafternoon with my friends planned where we will embroider these! It seems like I can never have enough stretch gloves!
  • Bamboo Trivets - There is more wood burning in my future! Since there are three, this will be another Crafternoon activity!
  • Pistachio Shells - Evidence I'm a hoarder: these pistachio shells that I've had around for at least two winters. Originally I planned on making faux flowers with these.
  • Erasers - I found lots of rubber erasers so I can carve many more rubber stamps!
  • Tiles - Here are some tiles I decorated with sharpies that were going to be coasters. Now I need to decide if I want to keep these designs.

Leave me a comment with any decorating ideas for the gloves, trivets, stamps, and tiles!


  1. Kelly you should keep those as coasters. Super cute! I love the little cat one. I can't wait for some Crafternoon! Going to be a blast!

    1. Thanks, the cat is pretty cute. I am excited about our crafternoons too!


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