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Sep 29, 2016

Bath Fizzies

Our latest Crafternoon project was making more bath bombs! The recipe evolved a bit from the last ones; these have a bit of cornstarch for bulking and epsom salt for more bathtime pleasure in addition to the citric acid & sodium bicarbonate for the fizzing and color & scents.

DIY Bath Bombs
DIY Bath Bombs

We made six small batches so have quite a variety of colors and scents. Our favorites are the two multicolor ones made from the leftover portions of each batch. I'm also excited about the army green colored ones; it's actually black food coloring and should make the bath water dark and spooky.


  1. This turned out great! My bath was a bit yellow with the orange ones. I am curious how the army green ones work out!

    1. I'll let you know. Next time we should add more epsom salt to them.

    2. If you ever get ones from lush they turn the water different colors. :)


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