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Nov 29, 2016

House Plants

Today I thought I'd share a little update on some of my house plants. Some are doing awesome, others are no longer with us (like my airplants), and others were doing really well, but look like they won't live much longer. My yellow rose cuttings are from the third category; one cutting still has a healthy leafy branch, but most's leafy branches have shriveled like in the photo below (they must have dried out a little bit too much). I've still got my fingers crossed they survive, but if they don't I'll just try again.


After starting the rose cuttings, I decided to try and grow weeping cherry trees and lilac bushes from cuttings too. The cherry sticks look unchanged, but I think the lilacs are doing well, it seems like there are more buds than before.


This next one is the most thrilling of the bunch. After I first brought this pencil cactus home, it started loosing some stocks. I thought the whole thing was going to die, but branches finally stopped falling off and it was hanging out until recently when out of nowhere it started growing! It has a big new stock from the base and a few little guys popping out of other branches!


Similarly, my orchid was on the brink of death (more so than the pencil cactus) with no branches, the floppiest leaves, and basically a non existent root system. It now has the tiniest little leaves growing! I am so excited and hope that I can make it happy enough it grows plump out of the pot roots. #plantgoals

My norfolk pine has been with me for a year now and is doing very well! I don't think it is much taller, but after looking at the photo of it in my car, it looks more full! I gave it the christmas treatment over the weekend; no lights, but lots of tiny ornaments.


I've tried starting at least half a dozen pineapple in my life and finally have one that is growing more leaves! It is noticeably larger than it was in August! There is no cat in this photo for reference, but check out these crazy long pineapple leaves!


Finally, I have little lipstick flowers. This lipstick plant grew from a cutting from my nana's plant. I've had the plant for some time now earlier this year after moving it to a different window it finally started growing long vines. A few weeks ago it bloomed! These two little flowers didn't last very long, but really made me happy when I saw them and Winslow happy when they dropped and he was able to bat them around the living room.



  1. Omg the lipstick flower is cute! And of course i love the Christmas tree lol

    1. i keep hoping the goldfish plant blooms too, it isn't doing as well as the lipstick, but will have some fun flowers too.


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